Designing and hand printing your own designs is the focus of these 1 & 2 day workshops.

We will start by creating and using our own hand made stencils.

We will also incorporate local flora and fauna experimenting with mixing ink colours, placing inks in different places on our printing screens, and the different effects possible when creating repeat patterns.

We will then move onto using  a ‘relief printing’ method.

This is a method of printing using a pre carved image (which we will carve on linocut),  and which, when inked, and pressed onto paper/fabric is transferred.

For those on the 1 day course we will look at a cyanotype/blueprint process, which is a method of printing using the sun. We will then move onto using screens prepared using this ‘photo emulsion’ method.

For those participating in a 2 day course we will  look at taking one group image and preparing it for transferring onto a screen, using the photo emulsion method.

We will start both days with printing our designs onto paper, and will move onto using calico fabric, once you are comfortable inking up and  using the printing screens.

 Participants can expect to print 2 or 3 good quality designs per day on the calico fabric.

(The subsequent designs printed onto calico can be sewn onto cushions at a later date).

There is also an option to print onto cotton napkins or tote bags.  A great keepsake and reminder of the workshop!

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