Island Life

INISHBOFIN is both a special area of conservation and special protection area, as designated by the Irish Parks and Wildlife Service. A mere 5 x 3 miles it’s a concentrated area of real beauty (she says impartially!) .

It is also steeped in archeological history, with line kilns, 17th century forts, 7th century crosses, holy wells, kitchen middens and more scattered all over the island .

We are very fortunate to have significant government support, for without which, these islands would be sparsely inhabited, and we would not have a daily ferry service. Life on these islands is significantly easier than it was 50 years ago in our forefathers and mothers time. Today, island life isn’t a hardship … it’s actually a privilege .

Most asked question :
“What do you do in the winter ??? ! ! !”

2nd most asked question :
“What is it like living on the Island in the winter ?”

Summer evokes for me :
Late Late sunsets, Fresh Sea Air, Sand, Sun Lotion, (occasionally!), Wentletraps, Mackerel, Seaweed, Yachts mooring up, Divers, Flip Flops, Voices & laughter, Sheep shearing, smell of Hay, Beautiful flora & fauna, Bikes …

Winter evokes for me :
Gales, Wellies, Turf, Gales, Waterproofs, Gales, Hibernation, Gales, Sea Spray, Rain, Log Fire, Soda Bread, too much plastic on the beach, Rain on the corrugated roof, L’odour de Turf, wet sheep wool smell, lovely beach walks, hot toddies at my neighbours!


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